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Dear HFP client:

It is with mixed emotions that I write to announce to you – as sole owner and sole physician at Holistic Family Practice – that we will be closing our doors forever as of October 1st, 2017.  This practice has enjoyed a nearly 45-year run, and I have spent 24 years of my medical career here.  However, many impactful changes in the health care industry have occurred locally and nationwide in recent years, including shrinking insurance reimbursements, markedly rising overhead expenses, expanding and highly time-consuming regulatory changes (with much attendant paperwork and extra time required), along with major difficulties recruiting and retaining young physicians and mid-level providers in the private practice setting.

All of these factors have made it very difficult to simply keep up with the basic costs of running our practice. Indeed, some expenditures, like building maintenance (painting, carpentry, sidewalk repairs), have been placed on the back burner for years due to the cash shortfalls we have faced.  These economic realities, coupled with the uncertainties of the future of private practice medicine, the lack of call partners, etc. have had tremendous impacts on my personal life. Therefore, I have arrived at this difficult decision.

Many patients have asked me whether I would move into a so-called “concierge” practice at this juncture.  The answer is a definitive and final “no.”  The concierge model allows only those with significant financial means to access doctors who establish such practices. I believe that we physicians have an ethical obligation to be available to people from all socioeconomic levels. That has always been my practice approach, and I do not intend for that to change.

Fortunately, a new practice opportunity has become available to me in the local community. I will be joining North Shore Physicians Group at their new facility at 414 Haverhill Street (Route 133), Rowley.  I will be working with a reputable and well-established group of physicians and mid-level providers, who treat all ages of patients, from infants on up, and who accept most insurances and health plans.  North Shore Physicians Group is affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital and its Partners Health Care satellite facilities. The practice location includes on-site x-ray, mammography, and bone densitometry, as well as opportunities for on-site consultations from visiting specialty care physicians.  My first day on the job in Rowley is Monday, October 2nd.  It Is my great hope that those of you who wish to continue to maintain me as their physician, will choose to do so at the Rowley site.

Once again, I thank all of you for your many years of loyalty to me and to Holistic Family Practice. It has been a true privilege and honor serving you. I trust you will accept that my decision to close our doors is one made after much hard deliberation and with much heartache. Happily, I remain available to you henceforth in a different practice setting, and I hope to see and to serve many of you in Rowley for a long time to come.

With best regards,


Dr. Jonathan March


Questions and Answers regarding HFP’s closing:

1)   When is this happening?.........Answer: 

October 1st, 2017


2)   Will the present building remain open for business after October 1st, and what will become of the other ancillary providers there (eg. Ranan Cohen, Joan Flynn, Les Weiser)?.........Answer:

The building will be closed for all business as of October 1st.  Ranan and Joan will be at 11 Market Square (Unit 8, 2nd Floor), Newburyport, as of September 1st.   Joan can be reached at 978.499.3955. Ranan can be reached at 978.499.3855 downtown, or either at 603.659.2528 (home office) or at 603.431.6677, x 240 at Whole Life Healthcare.  Les is presently looking for another practice location in the region.

3)   If I choose to transfer my medical care to NSPG (North Shore Physicians Group) in Rowley, how do I do this?.........Answer: 

Call your insurance or call NSPG to make sure your insurance allows them to be your PCP.

Click here for a known list of insurances they do and don't take.

Hopefully all current patients in the practice will by now have received a letter explaining the decision to close HFP.  In that same envelope is a release form which needs to be fully completed and mailed in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope to NSPG directly.  


       Once they have your signed authorization, please contact their central registration at  (877) 892-7707 FIRST BEFORE calling the Rowley office location at (877) 379-5522 to schedule your future appointments.
A downloadable version of the records form to fax/mail or drop off to NSPG in Rowley is available here. Note: Leave the section for "PATIENT MEDICAL RECORD #" blank.


4)  What do I do about my records if I do not plan to stay with Dr. March or move my care to NSPG?.........Answer: 

You will still have to choose a new PCP and sign a medical release form indicating to whom you wish records sent.  We strongly urge that this be done in a paperless fashion if possible so no fee applies.

If you do not designate a new PCP, but want your records for yourself, we will release them to you, but a fee will be required.

If you are not going to NSPG, use our generic records request form.

If you do not wish to follow Dr. March, you must contact your insurance by Oct 1st to name a new PCP if he is currently named.

5)  Can I receive care at HFP between now and October 1st?.........Answer: 

Yes, Dr. March and Kate de Kanter, FNP will continue to see patients through the end of September.  Throughout this time period, all previously scheduled appointments with these two providers will be honored and do not need to be rescheduled.


6)   What is happening with Kate de Kanter, FNP and Lynne Henning, FNP?.........Answer: 

Kate will be transitioning in October to 2 days a week each at Coastal Medical Associates and at an urgent care facility in Beverly, but will be available through the date of HFP’s closing.  Lynne will be leaving HFP as of Friday, July 14th and starting work with Coastal Medical Associates.

We understand that many of you may have additional questions about this transition.  We ask that you respect that the volume of phone calls to HFP in the next few months will be considerable, so please try to limit any calls about this process unless they are truly urgent. 

Thank you.

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Read the letter from our partner providers,  Ranan Cohen and Joan Flynn.

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